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Mavericks of the Month - 2003

The following swimmers were selected as "Mavericks of the Month" in 2003. Our first edition of "Maverick of the Month" was in 1998, and 2003 marked the sixth year for this popular newsletter feature.

Flavia Zappa, 35, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Northwestern University, Master of Education from William and Mary, Education Specialist from FSU and Master of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Minnesota. No, she is not related to the Zappa Rock & Roll family. Zappa began competitive swimming at age 8, at her community pool in
University Heights, Ohio. Her first race was a 25 free, and in later meets,
she expanded her events to the 25 back and breast. From 10-12, she swam on her University School team. Summer practices were often at the Cleveland State Univ. pool (site of 2002 LCM Nationals). Zappa looked forward to the ride back as it included animal crackers for a treat. In high school, music became her priority, and she didn't join the swim team. During the summers, she continued her interest in swimming as a lifeguard in high school and Water Safety Instructor in college. Her most unusual swim experience was swimming up and down the lanes in the AARP (50+) triathlon. Remember, she's only 35! Pat Bond encouraged her to join the Mavericks in 2000. In 2002, Zappa received the team's Most Improved Swimmer Award. She has been ranked in the USMS Top Ten for relays the past two years. In 2002, her outstanding swims were the Hurricane 2.4 mile in the Gulf of Mexico and the 5K Postal. Her swim goals include improving all her times in pool and distance events, plus stretching her limits and swimming the 10K Postal. She feels that her greatest achievements are her academic degrees and work in music and psychology. Zappa lives in Bradenton, FL with her father, sister and English bulldog, Wellington IV.

Patricia Bond, 65, was born in Buckhannon, WV, and grew up in Charleston, WV. She graduated from W Virginia University with a BS and MS in Physical Education and a PhD in Pharmacology. She taught physical education for three years, then branched out into teaching Pharmacology at several medical schools in the midwest. She retired in 1997 and moved to Florida in 1998. Bond’s early swimming experiences included front crawl at a Girl Scout Camp, mixed in with the dog paddle when she needed to breathe. She had formal swim lessons at a YMCA. In high school, a Phy. Ed teacher had one swim meet a year, and encouraged Bond to compete. While on the faculty at Kirksville, MO, she swam at noon for fitness. In the mid 80’s, she started doing triathlons, and in the late 80’s, she joined Masters, and competed in local meets. Her scariest swim experience was a near drowning at a lake in Maine, in 1962. The waterfront instructor often swam across the lake, accompanied by a rowboat. One day, they were half way across, when Bond dived in and swam fast to catch them. When she was in the middle, she looked up and the instructor was already across. As she continued, panic began to set in, her hand hit something, she struggled and started to sink into the cold, murky water. Just as suddenly, she relaxed and floated to the surface. Her friends brought her to shore in their boat. She does compete in open water for triathlons and has a healthy respect for the water. She prefers swimming in pools. Bond joined the Mavericks in 1998, after competing at a Senior Meet. She frequently ranks in the Top Ten and was on an All American relay in 1999. She lists being happily married to Guy, as her outstanding lifetime accomplishment. They have four children. Her swimming goals are to beat her teammates: Tullman in a 50 or 100 and Troy and Carr, when she grows up.

Kay Schimpf, 86, was born at the University Hospital, in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in the city. Although her father didn’t encourage Schimpf in her schooling, she went to night school to pursue high school and college courses. She didn’t get a degree from college, but became very skilled in her business classes. During WWII, she provided valuable help with the Army Ordinance. Her early swimming experience was with the Philly Rec Dept, three days a week. Later, she received a scholarship from the Turverein for swimming and gymnastics. One summer, she utilized these skills and taught underprivileged children at a nearby summer camp. In 1936, she swam in a sectional meet to qualify for the Olympics, but didn’t make the cut. For 39 years, Schimpf worked for Kemper Insurance, in Philadelphia. She was one of the first women promoted to the Claims Adjustment Dept. With this proficiency, she trained other staff members to become claims adjusters. Schimpf’s sister died very suddenly, at the age of 36. Her family then consisted of three young nieces and nephews. She is very proud of their achievements, as all received college degrees and have professional careers. At 59, she retired and moved to Clearwater, FL. She met Coach Joe Biondi and swam for the local Y. Later, she joined St Pete Masters. Her outstanding swimming accomplishment was her USMS All Star Award, as a 75 year old. Schimpf’s greatest non-swimming accomplishment is her Gold Life Masters Bridge Award. She regularly plays bridge, often beating the “youngsters.” She joined the Mavericks in 2000, has swum on two World and seven National record relays and regularly achieves USMS All American and Top Ten rankings. She lives in Clearwater, FL, with her mischievous kitten.

June Reynolds, 81, was born in Ramus Michigan, which was the center of the largest creamery area in the US. Her family moved to Tampa, FL when she was in elementary school. At Hillsborough HS, she was the diver, 3 meter board, and had a 3rd place at the state meet. She also competed in AAU meets and trained on the beach on her family’s five acre beach front property. Her best events were the long swims, like the 440 free. In the 1930’s, she swam in a water show at the Miami Biltmore Hotel, with Katherine Rawls and Ralph Flanagan, who were world class swimmers during that era. She married at age 16 and had two boys. After her 2nd marriage, she worked at a motel, Upjohn’s Medical, and for three years, was a nanny for two young girls.
Reynolds entered a writing contest and won $25 and won a jingle contest sponsored by Amana Freezers. She has been featured in TV commercials and was an extra in movies. Her friend, Rosie, introduced her to Masters swimming, in the early 80’s when she participated in a Swim for Muscular Dystrophy, in S. Tampa. She won the 50 breast and 50 back, but was so tired she didn’t want to enter any more meets. She continued to practice, however. In 1986, she entered a Masters meet, at the U of South Florida . Her 3rd place high point trophy inspired her to continue with a renewed interest in Masters swimming. In 1988, Reynolds was selected to be on the Holmes team that competed in Brisbane, Australia. Her expectations were to place in the top 8 and win a medal. She out swam many top swimmers and placed 3rd in the 200 fly. Every year, Reynolds has numerous USMS Top Ten times, including prestigious All American rankings. In 2002, she was ranked #1 in the world in SCM and LCM 100 fly. Her goals are to keep swimming into the future. Reynolds has been a Maverick since 2000 and lives in Tampa, Florida.

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